Historical Documents Associated with the Church

Last Will and Testament

Elizabeth Scott (XXXX-XXXX)

John Scott (XXXX-1579)

Edward Barkham (XXXX-1599)

Henry Rolf (XXXX-1603)

John Crowch (1519-1606)

William Pettus (XXXX-1608)

Henry Gallard (XXXX-1614)

Thomas Crowch (XXXX-1616)

William Freeman (1555-1623)

Margaret Gallard (XXXX-1625)

Edward Barkham (XXXX-1634)

Elizabeth Jones (1573-1634)

Anthony Garrett (XXXX-XXXX)

John Crowch (1606-1649)

Jane Barkham (XXXX-1654)

George Pyke (XXXX-1658)

Agnes Forester (XXXX-1762)

Henry Batsford (XXXX-1664)

Anthony Garrett (XXXX-XXXX)

William Slatholme (XXXX-1665)

Sir Edward Barkham (1595-1667)

Anne Slatholme (XXXX-1678)

Thomas Crowch (1607-1679)

George Pyke (XXXX-1680)

Barnard Turner (XXXX-1696)

Elizabeth Turner (1677-1701)

Thomas Turner (1678-1724)

Thomas Doo (1693-1730)

Charles Crowch (1699-1731)

William Keightley (XXXX-1732)

Bromsall Crouch (XXXX-1735)

John Pyke (XXXX-1738)

Catersby Freeman (XXXX-1742)

Thomas Eldridge (XXXX-1745)

Elizabeth Doo (1695-1754)

John Pyke (XXX-1760)

Rev Ralph Freman (XXXX-1772)

Thomas Pyke (1702-1772)

Charles Heton (1716-1764)

Mary Doo (1690-1769)

Penelope Forester (XXXX-1776)

John Doo (XXXX-1779)

Francis Thompson (XXXX-1789)

Ozell Pitts (1721-1796)

Willaim Butt(1736-1806)

Robert Wogdon (1734-1813)

Thomas Doo (xxxx-1813)

Ann Butt (1768-1816)

Fanny Doo(xxxx-1819)

William Butt (1766-1841)

Ann Doo (xxxx-1842)

Elizabeth Cowell (xxxx-1846)



Building Documents

Architects survey from 1988

Structural survey from 1999

Letter from chartered architect Jan 1998

1997 quinquennial report

White Chapel Bell report 1942


Historical Documents

Rental of Beauchamps 1700 (DE/WY/39775)

Crowch Turnor marrage settlement 1700 (DE/WY/39776)

Act of Parliament to change John Crouch name to Pyke


Hertfordshire Maps

Ogilby Strip map 1675

Richard Blome map 1700

Thomas Kitchin map 1748

Smith Hertfordshire map 1808


The Mystery Painting

Water Colour Layston Church 1863

South Acre Church



Various stories

The sorry tale of the Sondes family

The story of Thomas Crouch Fellow at King's College

Reference books

Extracts from the Rolfe Family History

Reference books

The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire 1st edition 1700, 2nd edition 1826 by

Sir Henry Chauncy

Aspeden Vol I pages 240-252

Aspeden Hall

Layston Vol I pages 253-260

Buntingford Vol I pages 260-263

History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford in three volumes published between 1815-1827 by

Robert Clutterbuck

Layston Vol III pages 427-438

East Herts Archaeological Society

1902 Vol II Prt I - St Bartholomew, Layston

1906 Vol III Prt II - Corneybury Manor

1936 Vol IV Prt III - 2nd excursion to Layston Church

1952 Vol IV Prt III - Medieval Alabaster from Layston

The Victoria History of the Counties of England

Layston Vol IV