Jane CROWCH ( - )

      Jane CROWCH, in the chancel of St Bartholomew's    
Name: Jane CROWCH
Sex: Female
Father: John CROWCH (1519-1606)
Mother: Joan SCOT (bur.1583)

Individual Events and Attributes

Will created 22 Feb 1653
Will Codicil (1) 22 Feb 1653
Will Codicil (2) 5 May 1654
Will Proven 26 Jun 1654

Marriage (1)

Spouse Edward BURROWE (Barcome) ( - )
Marriage 27 May 1589 St Bartholomews Layston

Marriage (2)

Spouse Edward BARKHAM ( -1634)
Children Elizabeth BARKHAM (bap.1593, d.1632)
Edward BARKHAM (1595-1667)
Susan BARKHAM (bap.1596, bur.1622)
John BARKHAM (bap.1597, bur.1597)
Robert BARKHAM (1599-1661)
Jane BARKHAM (bap.1602, d.1661)
Margaret BARKHAM (bap.1602, bur.1603)
Margaret BARKHAM (bap.1603, d.1640)
John BARKHAM (bap.1604)
Thomas BARKHAM (bap.1606, bur.1606)
Hugh BARKHAM (bur.1628)

Individual Note 1

Will http://www.layston-church.org.uk/Will%20Jane%20Barkham%2045.html

Individual Note 2


Note on Marriage to Edward BARKHAM

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