John CROWCH ( - )

      John CROWCH, in the chancel of St Bartholomew's    
Name: John CROWCH
Sex: Male
Father: John CROWCH (1519-1606)
Mother: Joan SCOT (bur.1583)

Individual Events and Attributes



Spouse Anne ROLFE ( - )
Children John CROWCH (bur.1661)
Henry CROWCH ( - )

Note on Marriage to Anne ROLFE

It appears that John Crowch (1519-1606) the father was being rather fussy about who received the Manors of Alswick & Downhall Ley - it had to be John + Anne (Rolfe) and whoever lived the longest and did not remarry or the children of that union ONLY. If Anne died & John took a second wife, then she (the 2nd wife) received nothing.


VCH - Owner of Alswick