Floor Plan
John Brande d 1527
Alys Brande

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  1. Lying on the floor of the tower near the turret stair is a large stone slab with indents for figure brasses. At top right is the figure of a woman possibly wearing a pedimental headdress and in three-quarters profile turned towards the figure at top left which is damaged beyond recognition. Below them is a narrow inscription indent and perhaps two indents for sons and daughters. Beneath, in the lower half of the slab are two more figures, the one on the left still visable but the one on the right too damaged to make out. A narrow indent for an inspection can be seen below them and also two rectangular indents below that for sons and daughters.

  2. Stone

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  4. l. 152 x w. 62 x d. 9.5cm l. of figures 37cm

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  7. This slab is described in VCH (published 1914) as being in the north-west angle of the nave’ (ref a). In the Gerish Collection at Hertfordshire Archives, County Hall, Hertford is a drawing of a brass removed from the church which may be the two figures at the top of this slab. It shows a man in a fur lined gown and his wife in a pedimental headdress, her gown with fur cuffs encircled at the waist by an ornamented girdle with long pendent end. The gothic inscription below them reads: Pray for the Soules of John Brande and Alys hys wyf / which John deceased the XXVIII day of Juyn yn the yere / of our Lord MDXXVII on whose Soules Jhu have mercy. /

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  10. a) VCH p 86