Tower South wall
Floor Plan
Richard Cordery d 1772

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  1. Nowy-headed inscription tablet with text incised in black-filled caps and l/c using the long ess. It rests on two ogee stone brackets. The surface is stained with green lichen and some parts of the text are obscured by pitting of the marble.

  2. Marble, stone

  3. Post 1772

  4. h. 120 x w. 78 x d. 8cm

  5. -

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  7. Richard Cordery is listed as a licensing curate at nearby Throcking in 1749 (ref a)

  8. -

  9. Below lies the Body of / RICHARD CORDERY, / a most worthy tho unprefered (sic) / Clergyman of the Church of England: who died after / adorning the humble yet glorious Station of a faithful / Curate for near 30 Years. / His great Abilities cultivated, and improved by much / Study, and application [....]nently fitted him for the / due discharge of his sacred Function as well as the / Management of all Secular Business. / He was seized with a Paralytic Attack, in the / Administration of Baptism on Sunday the 16th and / died the 24th of February 1771 / Aged 53 / Thine active Spirit while to Flesh allied. / The joint Affairs of Heaven, and Earth employ’d: / But THOU art gone blest Shade to Realms above, / Where ALL is Adoration Praise and Love. /

  10. a) Clergymen of the Church of England database ID33557 from Lincolnshire archive XXXVIII Act Book (accessed online)