Tower South wall
Floor Plan
Thomas Heton d 1748
Helen Heton d 1748
Charles Heton d 1764

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  1. Rectangular nowy-headed white stone tablet now set high on the tower wall. The inscription is incised in roman-style caps and l/c but uing the long ess throughout and with some archaic spelling and some sloped lettering. At present it is rather difficult to read due to lichen growth and some weathering of the stone. Doubtful or illegible text is bracketed at 9.

  2. Marble or polished limestone

  3. Late second quarter 18th c

  4. Estimated h. 120cm

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  7. Thomas Heton was instituted as vicar on 27th January 1703. His son Charles was instituted on 18th October 1748 and his successor, Samuel Collins, took office on the 4th November 1754. (ref a) There is an inexplicable discrepancy between dates on the memorial and in the source material. Although the text on the tablet is difficult to see, the dates given for Charles making his will in 1754 and his death in 1764 are quite clear. Cussans, though, states that Collins was instituted as vicar in 1754 ‘upon the death of Charles Heton’. The day date of Heton’s death has been taken from Cussan’s transcription (ref a)

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  9. This Marble is / consecrated to the Memory / of THOMAS HETON, Clerk, / many Years Vicar of this, and the Parish of WIDDIAL / whose painful Labours in the Ministry; whose Active / Abilities employed in the service of his Friends; whose / great Knowledge of, and Love for the Church and / State, justly endeared his Person and recommend / his Memory to Posterity. / He Survived HELEN, his most faithful and Affectionate / Wife buried here the [5]th of May 1748 Aged 73, / mixing his Ashes with [he]rs in one common Grave / the 29th of August 1748 Aged 84. / To perpetuate further the Remembrance of their / only Son CHARLES HETON, for some Years also his Father’s successor in this Vicarage, who by his / Will, proved in the Perogative Court the 13th of / March 1754, gave an Annuity of forty shillings a / Year, for the Repairing and keeping up the / Chapel of BUNTINGFORD charged on Six / acres of Freehold Land lying in Snails-Mead / Field, and Mill Field in LAYSTON, / and ASPEDEN (sic) for ever. / died die 6th of March 1764 / Aged 48. /

  10. a) Cussans pp 87,85