Wall Tablet
Chancel South Wall
Floor Plan
Ann Butt d 1799, William Butt d 1806

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  1. Rectangular white inscription tablet with text incised in black-filled roman caps and l/c, using the long ess and some sloped lettering, is set within a plain frame with ovolo inner edge beneath a stepped cornice. The black infill is much faded. The semi-circular pediment has a scrolled edge with a flowerhead carved in each terminal volute. On the concave tympanum is a draped and closed pedestal urn with gadrooned body and lid. The tablet is flanked by engaged columns with bell capitals and bases, the latter resting on foliate cone-shaped brackets. The bracket on the E side is missing. Beneath the shallow shelf, which has a wavy front face, is a large curved apron bearing a carved and painted achievement of arms flanked by relief-carved palm branches. Much of the paint has faded or disappeared.

    Blazon          Gules on a chevron (Argent) between three estoiles Or as many lozenges of
                        the fields [BUTTS] (ref a & b)
                        (Argent) on a chief Gules three lions rampant (of the first) [YONGE]
                                                                                                        (ref b & c, also see 7)
                        Crest: a horse’s head Argent on the head a plume of three feathers (Or and of the first)
                        the face and mane covered with armour (Gold) bridled (of the last)
                                                                                                        (ref b & c, also see 7)

    The apron rests on an acanthus leaf bracket

  2. Marble

  3. c 1806

  4. h. 175 x w. 85 x d. 6cm

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  7. The manor of Corneybury together with the advowson of the church was sold to William Butt on the 8th December 1790 and passed by descent to his son and his grandson, both also named William and both commemorated in the church at 009. (ref b) The Lions on the impalement appear Or on the tablet but the appropriate blazon in both Papworth and Cussans gives Argent and this is confirmed in Burke (p1150)

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  9. Sacred to the Memory of/ ANN,/ the Wife of WILLIAM BUTT Efq. / of Corneybury in this parifh. / who died the 24th of March 1799. / in the fixty third Year of her Age: / Whofe Remains / are depofited in a Vault / under the Chancel of this Church. / With undaunted Fortitude, / Mingled with pious Refignation / She bore her unparrallel’d Sufferings; / Death, terrible only to the Guilty, / To her unlocked the Gates of Paradife. / Alfo the above WILLIAM BUTT Efq. / died 17th march 1806. / Aged 69 Years. /

  10. a) Burke p 156 b) Cussans pp 84,81 c) Papworth p 566