Will of Pike Crowch

of Layston, Hertfordshire, born 1667 died 1712

Created 17th Nov 1712

In the Name of God Amen

The seventeenth day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and twelve I Pike Crowch of Layston in the County of Hertford Esqr being weak in Body but of sound memory and perfect understanding praised be Almighty God for the same I doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say

All my Estate reall and personall ffreehold and Copyhold as well in Possession as in Revertion I give unto my Brothers

John Pike alias Crowch Thomas Crowch Merchant Richard Cary one of my Wife’s Brothers of London Gent Henry Sawyer of the Inner Temple London Esqr and Katherine Crowch my beloved Wife

or any two or more of them to such uses Trusts and purposes as herein are after mentioned

That is to say ffor the true payment of all my debts whatsoever and likewise for the payment of the Jointure for my Mother Elizabeth Crowch during her life and the Jointure of my said Wife for and during her Life together with the portions to be had and paid to the Children of me the said Pike Crowch begotton on the Body or to be begotten on the Body of the said Katherine my Wife according to a Deed of Settlement of Jointure made before the Marriage of me the said Pike Crowch with the said Catherine as by the same relation being thereunto had it may appear

And for the better enabling the said Trustees before mentioned to execute and perform the severall payments and Trusts aforesaid I doe hereby authorize and impower the major part of the acting Trustees or any two of them from time to time as to them shall seem convenient to lease our sell asiene mortgage or any otherwise to charge any part or parcell of the said Estate for the payments aforesaid till my son John shall come to the Age of Twenty one years and them all the overplus of my Estate which shall be found due together with all the rest of my Estate whatsoever I give unto my said son John and his heirs forever provided always that it is my meaning and I doe hereby devise my Wife’s pearl necklace to her forever with the use of all the household Goods and ffurniture now used in Alswick Hall as long as she shall inhabit or reside there by the space of four months in one year and be sole and unmarried

Item I give unto the Town of Buntingford five pounds to be distributed in Bread to the Church Wardens and Overseers for the use of the poor on the Day of my Buriall

Item I give unto my ffriend Henry Sawyer above mentioned fifty Guineas for the Trouble of executing the Trust aforesaid And if that shall not be judged sufficient as much more as the rest of the Trustees shall seem convenient I give no Mourning except to my Wife and Children One Maid Servant Man Servant and a Boy

Whereas I the said Pyke Crouch have put out severall sums of money at Interest for my Mother in Law Mrs Carew Sister Margery Carew and Brother Richard Carew I doe hereby give power to my Trustees or any two to raise such sums as shall be deficient due upon any of the said mentioned securities out of any part of my Estate especially the Revertion or possession of my Estate in Hare Street or upon a Mortgage of Six hundred pounds from me and my Mother Crouch to my late Uncle Thomas Crouch (signed)Pyke Crouch

The Day and year first above written signed sealed published and declared to be the last Will of the said Pike Crowch (after the writing of some Lines by the said Pike Crowch with his own hand) in the presence of us C: Crowch James Steward Rich: England

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