Will of Thomas Crowch

Trinity Hall Cambridge, born 1607 died 1679

Created 13th July 1679
Probate granted to nephew of the deceased Charles Crowch on 16 October 1679

In the name of God Amen

I Thomas Crowch of Trinity Hall in the University of Cambridge Master of Arts being of reasonable good health of body and of sound mind and memory for which I give God thanks That I may not bee disturbed with worldly affaires when it shall please him to visitt mee with sicknesse or taken away on the suddaine without disposeing of what hee hath given mee Doe now make my last Will and Testament in mannor following ffirst and principally I commend my soule unto the hands of Allmighty God relyeing for salvation upon the merritts of my saviour firmly relying hee will bee to mee a Jesus(?)

My Body I will to bee buried if conveniently it may in one of the Vestries on the North side of Kings Colledge Chappell but without any publique solemne ffunerall but decently and in a private way And some of those Vestries being not paved I desire it may bee in one of them and then I would have my Executor to pave it decently I intended to have glazed the window there but that being since done I ^would^ have the paveing the better and a stone to bee laid upon mee with my Coate of Armes and the inscription hereinclosed cutt in the stone

I give to the Kings Colledge in Cambridge the summe of forty pounds to buy them Bookes for their library or rather in shelves for the same according to the patterne of what was done by my good friend Mr Hobart and because the charge of one vestry there will not take up all that summe I will what Remaines of that summe should bee laid out in Bookes for the same

I give to Trinity Hall the summe of Tenn pounds to bee laid out in Bookes as the Master there shall appointe

I give to my good ffriends and Kindred Ralph ffreman of Aspden and his good wife the summe of forty pounds betweene them to buy them a peece of plate or somewhat else to keepe in memory of mee I haveing alwayes received such kindnesse from them cannot bee forgetfull of it

I give to Will ffreeman Robin ffreeman and their three sisters to each the summe of tenn pounds for the like use and the like to Doctor fflyer

I give to my sister Nodes One hundred pounds

I give to the Lady Lestrange my green Emerald Ring which I desire her to weare as alsoe my second silver tankard

I give to my Beddmaker whoe shall bee with mee soe att the time of my death forty shillings and to my laundresse twenty

I constitute and appointe my Nephew Charles Crowch sole Executor of this my will to whome and to his heires I give the House in Buntingford called the George

I give him likewise my Lease of Biggin and Bahns(?) and the residue of my goods and chattels not disposed of requiring him to have an especiall care of timely paying his sister Maryes portion which is due to her out of her ffathers estate and I have now well enabled him to doe it

This is my last Will and Testament wrote all with mine owne hand to which I sett my name and seale the thirtieth day of July One thousand six hundred seaventy nine And soe I bidd the world ffarewell Tho: Crowch

Charles I would alsoe have you give some Rings to my especiall freinds I would not putt them into my Will for brevity sake Lett the value of them bee rather above twenty shillings each than lesse To Sir Tho: Page To Doctor Minshall to Mr Bearing(?) To Doctor Nidrington(?) To Doctor Paman To Mr Eade(?) To Tho: Day To Sir Tho: Exton(?) To each of the fellowes of Trinity Hall whoe shall bee resident there att the time of my death a ring about tenn shillings price or a little more I have given the lesse from you because I knowe your charge of children

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