Will of John Crowch

of Layston, Hertfordshire, died 1671

50L from Coz Crowch vt of wch a Bond for ..L 50L more + from Coz Crowch 30L + from Mr Brograve 40L & odd pounds from Mr ffreeman ...L from Mr

Wyllymot 40L or 50L from Mr Throwgood of Royston Mr Gibbons money 50L from my Ld Austen 600 from Robert Woolly of Starford and ...L p interest 100

L from Mr Chaucey & Cason to Mrs Edwards

All my lands in Herts’sh I give to my sonn Pike & his heires for ever

The Essey land to my son John and his heires for ever

the London house to my sonn Tho: & his heires for ever

to my Daughter Eliz: I give 500L & wt can be more raised from the rest of the Rents

Mr Freeman & Dr fflyar my wife and my brother Tho: I make my Executors of this my last Will and Testamt

If my sonn Pike refuse to give us the possession of the Essey Lands I give my Executors power to charge 500L where they please John Crouch

I give to my Wife 200L wch I promised upon marriage to be part of my personall estate and to choose it where she please ffrom my Bro: Pike 34L wch he oweth mee In case any of my younger children dye before the age of 22 I will their portion to be equally devided among the survivors

Witnesse to all the particulars on the other side the marke of Mrs Martin the marke of Mary Towne

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