Will of Henry Gallard

of Norwich, died 1614

Created 10th May 1614
Probate granted to the wife of the deceased, Margaret Gallard, on 8th July 1614

In the Name of God Amen the tenth day of May Anno Domini one thousand six hundred and fourteene and in the twelthe year of the raigne of our soveraigne Lord James by the grace of God Kinge of England ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith etc and of Scotland the seaven and ffortie

I Henry Gallard Citizen of Norwich being weake in body but of a good and perfect memory thankes be given to God therefore do make my last will and testament in writings in manner and forme following, ffirst I commend my soule into hands of Almighty God my creator assuredlie hoping that thoroughe his manifold mercies in Jesus Christ my redeemer yt shall enter into his rest, And my body I commit to the earth there to be decentlie buryd, and for my worldie estate, First I will and ordaine that all such debts as I doe owe be well and trulie paid,

Item I give and bequeath unto the poore in Norwich six pounds, and more-over to the poore of the parish wherein I dwell twentie shillings,

Item I doe give unto the poorest of my kindred to be dystributed amonge them at the discretion of my executor sixe pounds thirteene shillings and seven pence

Item I give and bequeath unto Margarett my welbeloved wife all my messuages lands and tenements with theire appurtenances within the cittie of Norwich to hold to her her heirs and assignes forever provided nevertheless yf the said Margarett shall not by good and lawful conveyance to be made and ?presented in her lifetyme lawfullie convey and assignes the said messuages lands and tenements to such person or persons and in such parte as the same shall or maye lawfullie come descend or stand and be lawfullie assured and conveyed unto my sonnes Samuell Gallard and Josua Gallard or to one of them or for the wife or wyfes of them or one of them and to the heires of the bodies or bodie of them or out of their wife such remainder or remainders over as she shall think fitt or otherwise generallie to the heirs of them or out of them. Then the present gyfte and and bequest of my said messuages lands and tenements shalbe voyde and of none effect to all intent and purposes,

Item my will and meaning is that my said wife out of the issues and proffitts that shall or maye be made of my said messuages lands and tenements shall paye and allowe unto my said sonne Samuell such and of such exhibition and maynteynance as Mr Edward Barkham of London Alderman my brother in lawe and Mr Thomas Crowch of Corneybury in the countie of Hertford my son in law or the Executor of them from tyme to tyme during the natural life of my said wife under their handes or under the hande of the Survivor of them for such tyme and tymes and in such sorte and manner as they shall think fitt and appoint and not otherwyse,

Item I will that a stock of two hundred poundes shall raysed out of my goodes to be employed in trade by my said wife for and during the space of three years next after my decease (Yf she shall soe longe live, And out of the proffitts yssuinge and arisinge from these I will that my said wife shall at her discretion make some reasonable allowance yf there shalbe neede to my said somme Samuell for and towards his maytenance during the said terme And at thend(?) of the said terme(?) I will and ordaine that it shalbe in the power of my said wife and the said Edward Barkham and Thomas Crowch and the survivor or survivors of them dispose of the said two hundred poundes and the benefit of the proffitts arisinge thereby either to the said Samuell Gallard yf they or the Survivor or survivors of them shall like(?) of his ravinge(?) and demeanor(?) in the course of his life and in the choise wife or to anie other ryforme or ryformes and in such manner and forme as they or the survivor or survivors of them shall think most fitt and meete,

Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Josua Gallard and his heirs forever all those my lands tenements and hereditaments both freehold and coppiehold lying in Westleton Durshame, and Bliborough within the countie of Suffolk after the death of Margaret my said wife she beinge to hold and enioye(?) the same for and during her natural life,

Item I give more unto the said Josua my sonne the summe of two hundred pounds,

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Gallard the summe of three hundred pounds to be paid upon her within two years after my decease or at her daye of marriage which shall first happen

Item I give unto my daughter Marie Gallard two hundred and ffiftie poundes to be paid unto her within three yeares after my decease or at her daye of marriage which shall first happen with severall legacies notwithstandinge I give to my said daughters with and under this condition and not otherwise so as they shall not marrie without the consent of my said wife their mother if she be then livinge or of the said Edward Barkham and Thomas Crowch or one of them (if she be deceased)

Item I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren the children of my daughter Sara Crowch viz. John, Thomas, Jane Sara and Margaret Crowch to every of them tenn pounds to be paid unto them within the space of seaven years next after my decease, And my will and meaning further is that if any of my said grandchildren shall happen to dye their said legacies shalbe due or payable to them, then the legacies mentioned or intended to be given to those that are deceased shalbe equally divided amongst the survivors,

Item I give to every of my servants which shall dwell with me at the tyme of my decease tenne shillings,

Item I give and bequeath unto my said wife Margarett and to her heirs for ever all my lands tenements and hereditaments with the appurtenances both freehold and coppiehold lyeinge or being in the towne of Ffornsett in the countie of Norfolk or in any other towne there might adioyninge towards the payments of my debts and the performance of this my last will and testament. All the rest of my goodes and chattells debtes plate implements and stuffe of houshold I give and bequeath them unto Margarett my said wife whome I doe ordaine constitute and appoint to be sole executrix of this my last will and testament

Lastlie I doe nominate and ordaine my said brother in lawe Mr Edward Barkham and my said sonne in lawe Master Thomas Crowch overseers of the due performance of this my testament and last will

In wittnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale, the marke of the Testator sealed and delivered by the said Henry Gallard as his last will and testament in the presence of me Richard Toby, Robert Gallard, Thos Kinge, Alexander Lane and of Mr Thomas Steanor.

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