Will of Dame Elizabeth Jones nee Pettus nee Rolfe

Widow of London

Created 27 April 1634

Examinatuer per me Gabrielem Lyon no L11BCM

In The Name Of God Amen I Dame Elizabeth Jones of London Widdowe being sicke in body but of good and perfect Humble mynd hearty thankes unto Almighte God my maker. Doe make and constitute this my last will and testament in mannor and forme following ffirst

I give and bequeathe my soule into the hands of Almighty God my maker [hoping] for salvacon throughe the [merrite] death & passion of his sonne Jesue Christe my only Saviour and redeemer and my body to be buried in the Parrish Church …… Martins aforesaid in such decent mannor as shall seeme good to my executor herein to be named.

Item I give and bequeathe unto the poore people of the parrish of St Martins aforesaid the some of twenty shillinges And to the poore people of the parrish of Keldon in Essex twenty shillinge to be payed unto them [within] one weeke next after my decease

Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonne John Pettus and to his children all such some and somes of money as are mentioned to be given them in a former will or writeing by and lately made in sure manner as in the said writeing is mentioned and declared such said writeing I doe intend shalbe a direction for the paym’t of the said legacies and somes of money only and not otherwise nor so my other use or purpose whatsoever

Item my will & meaning is that all such goods and chattels plate money or houshould stuffe .. I have formerly given by any deed unto any other of my children shalbe remaine to them and every of them according to the effect of the severall deeds to them hereof severally by me made

The rest of all my goods & chattels as well reall & p’sonall I give unto the rest of my said children that is to saye Rolfe Pettus Will’m Pettus my sonnes and unto Robert Nutting of Grange Inne …. and unto my daughter Susanna [Itgnes] widdowe to be equally devided amongst them [whome] I doe hereby constitute & appoint to be executors of this my last will & testament and doe hereby revoke and make voyd all former or other wills by me att any tyme heretofore make published or declared in witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale this twentie seaventh day of Aprill in the tenth yeare of the raigne of our sovraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France & Ireland Defender of the faith … the marke of Elizabeth Jones Sealed published and delivered her act and deed in the presense of Geo: Vythe Katherine Abbotson Clare Rythe her marks Aone Parsons Mary Rythe

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