Will of Ann Butt (nee Wogdon), wife of William Butt

of Corney Bury, near Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Will dated 4-Mar-1815
Will proved 28-Nov-1816 PCC


Ann Butt

In pursuance of the desire expressed in the Codicil to the last Will of my late dear father Robert Wogdon which was proved in the prerogative Court of Doctors Commons in the month of April 1813 and impressed with the same sentiment that he was respecting the bond debt due to him of nine hundred & fifty pounds from Mr John Barton of the Haymarket in the Parish of St Martins in the fields that the said Mr Barton would should more prosperous times ever enable him faithfully discharge the same Bond which I still hope he may be empowered to do that it may take the course directed by my late dear fathers will but let this be understood as my last Will & intentions on this subject that the trustees of my late fathers will are not at any time to call in or put in force the said bond of nine hundred & fifty pound[s] against Mr Barton trusting fully that if ever in his power he will repay the same whatever dividends may be due to me at the time of my decease I desire may be paid to my dear husband William Butt signed by me this fourth day of March 1815 - Ann Butt Corney Bury near Buntingford

21st November 1816

Appeared personally Francis Matthews of Castle Street Holborn London Solicitor and William Comerford Clarkson of Doctors Commons London Proctor and made oath that they knew & were well acquainted with Ann Butt (Wife of William Butt Esquire late of Corney Bury near Buntingford in the County of Hertford deceased & also with her manner & character of handwriting and subscription having seen her write and write & subscribe her names & having with care & attention viewed & observed the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be & contain the last Will and Testament of the said Ann Butt deceased and which said Will beings thus "In pursuance of the of the desire expressed in the Codicil to the last Will of my late dear father Robert Wogdon" ends thus "Signed by me this fourth day of March 1815 Corney Bury near Buntingford" and thus subscribed "Ann Butt" they these Appearers do say that they verily and in their consciences believe the whole body series and contents of the said Will beginning ending & subscribed as aforesaid to be all of the proper handwriting & subscription of the said Ann Butt dec[ease]d  /--/  F Matthews  /--/  Wm C Clarkson  /--/ Same day the said Francis Matthews & William Comerford Clarkson were sworn to the truth of the above affid[avit]s before me,  S Parson __vit  Prest  Rd Townsend  N[otary]:P[ublic]:

On the 28th November 1816 Adm[inistrati]on (with the Will ann[exe]d) of the Goods etc of Ann Butt (wife of William Butt Esq[ui]re) late of Corney Bury near Buntingford in the Co of Hertford Dec[ease]d was granted to William Butt Esq[uir]e the husband & sole Exor Legatee having been first sworn duly to adm[iniste]r as Ex[ecut]or Ex[ecuto]r

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