George PIKE ( -1658)

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Name: George PIKE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Individual Events and Attributes

Will created 10 Aug 1658
Death 11 Sep 1658
Burial 14 Sep 1658 Holy Trinity Meldreth
Will Proven 7 Oct 1658

Marriage (1)

Spouse Margaret WOODCOTT ( - )
Children Anne PIKE ( - )
Cecily PIKE ( - )
Mary PIKE ( - )
Paul PIKE ( - )

Marriage (2)

Spouse Elizabeth GORE (bur.1658)
Children Elizabeth PIKE (1638- )
George PYKE ( - )

Individual Note 1

Translation of his memorial


In memory of George Pike Esq whose remains lie buried not far from here


and whose wife was Margaret daughter of Edward Woodcott of Ipswich,


Gent., by whom he had had three daughters, Anne ( wife of William Violet

of Norfolk, Gent) Cecily (wife of Thomas James of Hartford, Gent.,) and

Mary (first wife of Thomas Pritchard of the county of Cambridgeshire Esq,

then of James Whitlock of Buckingham Esq.,) On the death of Margaret,

he (George) married Elizabeth daughter of John Gore of London kt by

whom he had little George and Elizabeth (first wife of Gregory Baker of

Stafford Gent and soon after of John Crowch of the county of Hertford

Gent.) He died Sept 11 in the year 1658 aged 67

Individual Note 2