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Frances LANGHORNE's parents: Benjamin LANGHORNE (bap.1595) and Agnes NODES ( - )

Frances LANGHORNE (bap.1637, bur.1675)

Name: Frances LANGHORNE
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin LANGHORNE (bap.1595)
Mother: Agnes NODES ( - )

Individual Events and Attributes

Baptism 27 Apr 1637 Ippollitts Herts
Burial 27 Nov 1675 St Bartholomews Layston


Spouse Charles CROWCH (b.1639, bur.1690)
Children Thomas CROWCH (b.1658, bur.1659)
Sarah CROWCH (1659- )
Thomas CROWCH (bap.1661, bur.1701)
John CROWCH (bap.1662)
Elizabeth CROWCH (bap.1663, bur.1679)
Mary CROWCH (bap.1665)
Charles CROWCH (bap.1667)
Richard CROWCH (bap.1668)
Jane CROWCH (bap.1669)
Susan CROWCH (bap.1673)
Hellen CROWCH (bap.1675)
Anne CROWCH ( - )
Frances CROWCH ( - )
Margaret CROWCH ( - )
Marriage 29 Mar 1654 St Antholin, Budge Row, London

Individual Note

Two marrages acording to Diana


21.09.1652 Ippollitts

29.03.1654 St Antholin Budge Row London

Note on Marriage to Charles CROWCH

Marrage details here123024