Edward MONTAGU (1602-1671)

      Edward MONTAGU, 2nd Earl of Manchester    
Name: Edward MONTAGU
Sex: Male
Father: Henry MONTAGU (1563-1642)
Mother: Catharine SPENCER ( -1612)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1602
Occupation (1) 2nd earl of Manchester
Education Sidney Sussex College; Cambridge
Occupation (2) 1624 (age 21-22) MP Huntingdon, until 1626
Title Feb 1626 (age 23-24) Kight of the Bath
Death 5 May 1671 (age 68-69)

Marriage (1)

Spouse Susanna HILL ( - )
Marriage 6 Feb 1628 (age 25-26)

Marriage (2)

Spouse Anne RICH ( -1641)
Marriage 1 Jul 1625 (age 22-23)

Marriage (3)

Spouse BEVILL ( -1658)
Marriage 20 Dec 1642 (age 39-40)

Marriage (4)

Spouse Eleanor ( - )
Marriage Jul 1649 (age 46-47)

Marriage (5)

Spouse Margaret ( - )

Individual Note 1

from 1626 to 1642 Viscount Mandeville (which he was by courtesy) or Lord Kimbolton (which he was by right) inasmuch as he was sum. to Parl. v.p. in his father's Barony as Lord Montagu of Kimbolton and took his seat, 22 May 1626.


He, being a zealous Parliamentarian, was one of the 16 " popular " noblemen(d) named Sep. 1640 to treat with the Soots; P.C., 1641, and a Commissioner of Regency, Aug. to Nov. 1641, but was, in Jan. 1641/2, accused by the King (with five members of the House of Commons) of high treason.(e) He was by the Parl made Lord Lieut, of co. Huntingdon, 1642, and Col. of a Reg. of Foot, which he commanded at the battle of Edgehill, 12 Oct. 1642. He suc. to the Earldom of Manchester, 7 Nov. 1642; was member of the Assembly of Divines, 1643; Lord Lieut, of Northamptonshire, 1643; Gen. of the Horse (Pari, army), 1648-45; Serjeant-Major-General of the counties of Essex, Herts, Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hunting¬don, and Lincoln, 1643-46 ; captured the town of Lynn and (May 1644) the city of Lincoln; was in chief command at the battle of Marston Moor, 2 July 1644,(f) but resigned all his military posts in April 1645. He was Speaker of the House of Lords and (with the Speaker of the Commons) Joint Comm. of the Great Seal, 1646-48. He was one of the few Peers among the 237 “commanders" for the Commonwealth(g) and was one of the nine Peers(h) who in 1657 were members of Cromwell's “Upper House” (i) He had been Chancellor of the Univ. of Cambridge, 1649-51, and was re¬appointed in 1660 when (for the second time) he was Speaker of the House of Lords, having taken an active part in bringing about the Restoration. Lord Chamberlain of the Household, 1660-71; Joint Lord Lieut, of co. Huntingdon, 1660 ; Chamberlain of South Wales, 1660; el. and inv. K.G., 1, and inst., 15 April 1661; Bearer of the Sword of State at the Coronation, 28 April 1661; Joint Commissioner for the office of Earl Marshal, 26 May 1662; er. M.A. of Oxford, 8 Sep. 1665 ; entertained the King at his house at Waltham, 28 July 1668.

Individual Note 2