Robert Clutterbuck

History and Antiquities of the Country of Hertford Icheton,

Lefstanchirche otherwise Layston Vol III pages 427 to 438

died on the 10th of January in the 6th year of Queen Elizabeth. The Duke survived her, and held by the curtesy this and other Manors of the inheritance of Thomas her son and heir, and was attainted on the 17th of January in the 14th of Elizabeth, and beheaded on Tower Hill on the 4th of the nones of June 14 Elizabeth, 1572; by inquisition taken on the 30th of September following, it was found that the said Lord Thomas Howard, son and heir of the said Margaret, sometime Duchess of Norfolk, was then of the age of 11 years 1 month and 10 days (m). From Philip Howard, the Duke's only son by his first wife, the present Duke of Norfolk, is descended. Lord Thomas Howard, Lord William Howard, Lady Elizabeth, and Lady Margaret, were the issue of the second marriage.

Lord Thomas Howard was restored in blood by Act of Parliament in the 27th year of Queen Elizabeth, and in the 39th of Elizabeth was summoned to Parliament as a Baron, by the name of Thomas Howard de Walden, Chivaler.

This Manor was sold by the family of Howard to John Crouch, Citizen and Clothworker, of London, who married Joan, daughter and heir of John Scot, of London, by whom he had issue five sons and five daughters, and was succeeded in the possession of this Manor by his eldest son John; he married Margaret, daughter of William Johnson, of Preston Grange, in the County of Lancaster, Esquire, by whom he had issue seven sons and three daughters. His two eldest sons John and Thomas, dying in the life-time of their father, his next son Charles succeeded him in the possession of this estate. Charles married Frances, only daughter and heir of Benjamin Langhorne, of Ippolitts, in this County, by whom he had issue eight daughters and six sons, of whom his eldest son Thomas succeeded him. He raised a company of foot soldiers at his own charge anno 1 William and Mary, A. D. 1688, and marched with them into Ireland, in which expedition, he lost most of his men, in the camp near Dundalk. Upon his return home he married Anne, the daughter of Barnard Turner, of Buntingford, Gent, and, in the year 1690, sold this Manor to Ralph Hawkins, Citizen and Brewer, of London, he had issue John, Thomas, and Dorothy, and died on the 25th of October, 1696, leaving John his heir (n), upon whose death, it came to his brother Thomas Hawkins, who died in the year 1742, and, by his will, dated in the year 1738, devised this Manor and Estate to his niece Catherine, the wife of William Woolball, Esquire, of Walthamstow, in the County of Essex, and afterwards to Catherine his daughter, who married Sir Hanson Berney, of Kirby Bedon, in the County of Norfolk, Baronet; who, in conjunction with her son Sir John Berney, sold it on the 8th of De¬cember, 1790, to William Butt, upon whose death, on the 6th of March, 1806, it descended to his son, William Butt, Esquire, the present possessor thereof(o).

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