Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire


by Sir Henry Chauncy Vol I pages 240 to 252 first published in 1700

Issue Ernulph, Jeoffery, William, and Robert ; Queen Maud, the Empress, confirmed all his Possessions in England to him, which high Favours exasperated King Stephen against him, insomuch that he seiz'd him in the Court held then at St Albans, when no Friend could prevail with the King to set him at Liberty till he deliver'd up the Tower of London, and the Castles of Malden and Pleshy into the King's Hand; this provoked him to raise an Army against the King, who thereupon seized all his Lands and Estate; and he died on the 16th of the Calends of October, 1144, 9 Steph. Leaving

Ernulph his Son and next Heir, who. upon his Father's Death, fortify'd the Church of Ramsey, was taken there, disinherited of his Estate, banished, and died in Exile.

When Henry II. obtained the Crown, he created Jeoffery, second Brother and Heir to Ernulph, Earl of Essex, restored him to all the Estate of his Grandfather and Father: He married Eustachia, a Kinswoman to the King, but afterwards declining her Bed, incensed the King against him, so that a Divorce was obtained, and the King took from him two of his fairest Lordships Walden and Waltham, and bestowed them on her in Marriage with Anselme de Campdanere, and he died without Issue upon the 12th of the Calends of Novemb. 1167,14 Hen. II.

William his younger Brother succeeded, obtained the King's great Favour, grew very rich, and married Hadewise the sole Daughter and Heir to William le Gross, Earl of Albemarle; and the King assigned to him the County of Albemarle, to guard the Borders of Normandy. He was chiefly disposed to military Imployments, did do many Works of Piety, and died at Roan on the 18th of the Calends of Decemb. 1190, 2 JR. I. without Issue.

Beatrix, his Father's Sister, was Heir and succeeded him, she married William de Say, by whom she had Issue two Sons William and Geoffery, the first died in the life time of his Father, leaving only two Daughters, Beatrix married to Jeoffery Fitzpiers, and Maud wedded to William de Bockland.

The next who I find possessed this Mannor was John de Wengham, Precentor of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, he held it Anno 6 Edw. I. in Right of himself, not of his Church: Afterwards it came to John de Wengham, who held it in the time of Edw. III. for 'tis recorded, that, Anno 14 Edw. III. a Precept was awarded to the Sheriff to distrain Mr. John Wengham, so that he might have his Body in the King's Bench, to acknowledge what Right he claimed in the Mannors of Bradfeld and Aspeden, which Ralph the Son of Foulk, granted in the King's Court to William, the Son of Ralph by Fine. Mr. Wengham said, that he held them only for the Term of his Life, by the yearly Rent of 9l. 13s. and Judgment was given, that he should perform the Services to the said William.

Afterwards the Mannor came to William Berkley, who left Issue only Elizabeth, who was his Daughter ana Heir, she married Ralph Jocelin, Esq. Alderman of London, and third Son of Geoffrey Jocelin of Sabridgeworth, in this County. He held this Mannor in Right of his Wife, and resided here, Anno 12 H. VI. when his Name was return'd among those Gentlemen who could dispend 10l.per Annum, which was a fair Estate in those Days: was elected Sheriff of the City of London, Anno 1458, 36 H. VI.; and was chosen Mayor there, Anno 1464, 4 Edw. IV. which Office he so prudently and discreetly managed, that his Service was very acceptable to the King; who at the Expiration of his Year invested him Knight of the Bath, at the Corona¬tion of Queen Elizabeth, Wife to Edw. IV.

Anno 1411,11 Edw. IV. this Sir Ralph raised Forces in London, sallied forth upon Thomas Nevill, Bastard Son to that valiant Captain the Lord Thomas Fauconbridge, when he assaulted Bishopsgate and Aldgate, with an Army of 16 or 1700 Men, to rescue King Henry VI. out of the Tower of London, and took and slew very many of them in his Pursuit along the Water-side to Ratcliffe. And was chosen Mayor again, Anno 1476, 16 Edw. IV. when he corrected the Bakers and the Victuallers of the City; and by his great Care and Diligence repaired the Wall thereof. He dyed the 25th of October, Anno 1478, 18 Edw. IV. and was buried in the Church of Sabridgeworth in this County.

After his Decease this Mannor continued in Elizabeth his Wife, who survived him, and married Sir Robert Clifford, the third Son of Thomas Lord Clifford, Knight of the Body to King Henry VII. and Master of his Ordinance; yet it seems he was deeply concerned in the Matter of Perkin Warbeck, but had the good Fortune, upon his Submission to the King, and the Discovery of the Conspiracy, and the Persons concerned therein, to obtain his Pardon. His Arms were Cheque Or and Azure, upon a Fess Gules three Roses Argent. He died the 15th Day of March, Anno 1508, 23 H. VII. Afterwards Elizabeth his Lady survived him awhile, then died, and was buried in this Church.

Shortly after her Death this Mannor came to the Crown; for Anno 1543, 35 H. VIII. the Bayliff of this and Westmill accounted for the Profits of them to the King in the Exchequer.

Afterwards the King gave it to Sir Thomas Audley Kt., lord Audley of Walden, from whom it return'd to the


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